What is the Dashboard?
The Dashboard is the command center of your home buying journey where your preferences and progress are stored for your convenience.
How do I view my Dashboard?

If you’re using the same device, you can go back to the Dashboard anytime and your preferences and progress will be saved there.

To view your Dashboard on different devices, you have the option to save it by adding your email address. You will then receive a unique URL in your inbox that you can use to access your Dashboard anytime, from any device.

Can I share my Dashboard?

Absolutely! You can share your Dashboard with anyone you like. Since NestReady is account-free, you simply have to add your email once and get a permanent link to your Dashboard! You will then have the option to share this permanent link with anyone you like via email, Facebook or Twitter.

And to make it even better, the people that you share your Dashboard with can use it just as you do so all your combined activity is organized in one spot for unparalleled convenience.

I’m ready! How do I get started?

You can get started with your home search by selecting a few of your Preferences.


If you’d like to calculate travel time to a point of interest, click the Commute tab and add the address.

Save Preferences

To keep your next searches even simpler, just click the Save Preferences button.

Can I also see what’s around?

Absolutely! Typically the listings are displayed as a List, but you can also select the Map view and quickly toggle between the two view options anytime. The Map view makes it easy to see what’s nearby and visually compare prices in the area.

Do you have more information on the area?

We do! When you click the Location link on the Property page, you are taken to a dedicated page that provides extensive city data on that specific area.

Where do I find property details?

On every property page you will find valuable information on property and neighborhood features that will help you understand if the home and area are a good fit for you. You can also switch from the Slideshow to the Map view to see what’s around!

Can I see where the property is located?

You sure can! Just click the Map button at the bottom-right of the slideshow.

Where are the listings taken from?

The listings are populated from the MLS® Systems, the most reliable source for real estate data available, operated by real estate boards and associations.

How often are the listings updated?

Daily, several times a day.

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